Collaborative Investment

The investment strategies we create are custom designed to match each client’s unique needs. Strategies can range from conservative to aggressive. Each client’s path is determined based on variables discussed with that client before the process begins. Investment strategies are always governed by our four principles of business: Independence, Full Disclosure, Integrity and Value. Portfolio allocations are adjusted as relevant variables change. All portfolios are fee-based and managed on a discretionary basis.

We Believe Successful Investing is Based on Collaboration.

Who are you? We get to know you, your priorities, your investment objectives and your dreams before we map out a broad strategic direction.

What are you doing now? Together we inventory, research and get an understanding of your current investments to determine how they match with achieving your goals, taking into consideration performance potential, risk analysis, time frames and tax consequences.

What is important to you? We evaluate opportunities and design an investment strategy to optimize achievement of your goals, based on your priorities. Regular and open communication assures the strategy evolves as your goals or situations change.


How soon can we get started? Once the strategy is understood and agreed upon, we can create the plan and manage your portfolio with optimal investments, i.e. institutional mutual funds, equities, bonds and exchange-traded funds (etf).

How are we doing? You may view your portfolio anytime on line. Each month we will provide you with a complete portfolio statement. We can also create custom reports if needed, according to specific individual needs.

Any other questions? We are always available to schedule review appointments or conference calls at your convenience. We believe in dialogue, both with you and with any appropriate professional advisors. The more we understand your needs and lifestyle, the better we can tailor our investment management strategies to achieve your goals. We invite your questions and comments at anytime. We look forward to building together, a long and successful relationship.