401(k) Plan Services

Business owners are presented with opportunities and decisions every day. How to serve your customers and grow your market, while still investing in your business and employees? We understand the challenges and view the 401(k) plan as a fundamental tool to attract, motivate and retain talented professionals. In addition to offering your employees an important way to achieve financial security upon retirement, a well-designed 401(k) plan can offer tax benefits for business owners.

The 401(k) Plan Dilemma:

  • Dealing with a competitive and opaque 401(k) industry
  • Understanding complicated Department of Labor and ERISA obligations
  • Sorting through confusing product offerings
  • Recognizing mass-marketed, ineffective product offerings
  • Discovering your plan is poorly serviced, forcing employees to manage their accounts themselves
  • Being surprised by undisclosed costs
  • Difficulty in complying with fiduciary duties, resulting in possible exposure to law suits

Faced with these situations, the value of the 401(k) plan being offered by an employer may be marginalized, and the anticipated benefits not realized.


Give Your 401(k) Plan a Promotion

Let Compass Financial Management offer you, an employer, a comprehensive and proven approach to successfully managing a 401(k) plan for the collective benefit of all employees. We are an independent entity, not obligated to any bank, brokerage or insurance firm. Our 401(k) planning is, once again, guided only by our business principles.
The 401(k) Plan Solution
  • A customized 401(k) plan that is uniquely tailored to your company and your employees’ needs
  • An Investment Policy Statement to guide selection and monitor investment choices
  • Fully disclosed services and fees so you, and your employees, understand the true costs of the plan
  • Increased investment choices with increased return potential
  • Maximized efficiency of your 401(k) plan, resulting in improved cost performance
  • Regular educational sessions to help employees achieve their retirement goals
  • Fiduciary consulting services to help the trustee with plan obligations, thereby minimizing liabilities
  • Support and assistance for you and your employees, every step of the way